Respect for the environment and for people
Sustainable production processes with a low environmental impact
Being sustainable today to have a better future tomorrow.

Venus Design has included in its company strategy a specific sustainability course of respect for the environment, which involves all the company’s areas of interest.

Reduction in consumption and energy saving

Venus Design has equipped itself with a cogeneration plant to produce energy and to heat the plants and company premises. A single source that generates both electricity and heat guarantees increased efficiency and sustainability through self-producing energy, as well as a sizeable saving.

Actions for a sustainable company

Implementation of a quality management system.
Use of recycled, recyclable and sustainable materials.
Use of a cogeneration plant to save energy.
Reduction and recovery of manufacturing waste.
Use of eco-friendly packaging.

We create products that respect and fulfil social, environmental and economic laws and the needs of present generations without compromising those of future generations.
Recyclable and eco-friendly

The company’s environmental responsibility is borne out in the use of non-toxic, recyclable and sustainable components that improve the quality of the products and reduce the impact on the environment.

Wood supply chain

In 2013 Venus Design obtained FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification which guarantees that it uses products from a responsibly managed forest or supply chain.

Request our FSC® certified products

FSC® certified

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