Vera collection
The new revolutionary technology from Venus Design

Cashmere is a new deep-matt painting process applied to a special synthetic substrate. Cashmere is a 100% recyclable and non-toxic lining, designed to last over time.

Exclusive technology
you’ve never seen before

Cashmere is a new technology, developed exclusively by Venus Design, for the first time in Italy. Unique and revolutionary, it is the result of the hard work and dedication of our R&D department. It adds an ultra soft-touch, ultra-matt and anti-glare effect to rich wood finishes. It is highly scratch- and water-resistant, easy to clean and environmentally friendly.

Ultra Soft Touch
A unique look and feel

Cashmere is available in five finishes: on-trend delicate shades that are also soft to the touch. The end result is an elegant tactile finish, for high-end designer doors.

Nuace to create elegant,
relaxing spaces

Total Edge
Total Edge,
details that make a difference

Total edge is a new-generation bonding system for applying Cashmere to all four door edges, concealing the joins.

The K3D hinge

The K3D hinge is completely concealed, providing a high-end finish that enhances the door’s linear look. Using advanced technology, it can be adjusted to all sizes, and makes for a well-calibrated, durable installation.


Technical details

Hinged doors
Pivot P

Pivot opening 120° - Reversible

Standard S

180° hinged opening - Reversible

Flush Push F

90° hinged opening - Non-reversible


Ice - Cashmere



Manhattan Grey

Dark Graphite


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