Extra 90 collection
Extra Base
Extra Base
Wooden door

Wood is the ideal choice to add warmth to classic or modern environments: wood grain, noticeable to the touch as well as to the eye, creates a welcoming space. The ideal finish for people who love a style inspired by nature.

La Venus
Folding System

The door casing is made using the innovative La Venus Folding System: cut at 45° and specially bonded, it provides excellent extension stability and leaves no visible joins.

Olmo Biscotto
wood design

This door features a horizontal grain and neutral
shades to create a look that shows great attention
to detail, including in the choice of materials.

Opening in the smallest space
Extra 90
Double swing pivot

This unusual space-saving opening mechanism allows you to open and close the door in both directions. An excellent solution that is more compact and more practical.

Extra 90
Asymmetrical 1/3 - 2/3

The door is divided into two parts and folds back on itself as it opens. This practical, space-saving solution is great for smaller spaces.

Sliding door with track
Aluminium track and sliding door in the Acero Neve finish: a perfect match.


Technical details

Extra 90 frame
Hinged doors
Extra 90


Sliding doors
Internal to wall


External to wall - no frame


External to wall - with frame

Frame 4 cm thk

Asymmetrical 1 / 3 - 2 / 3


Bifold door

Double swing pivot door

Opens and closes on both sides



Matrix Bianco

Acero Neve

Olmo Grigio

Olmo Biscotto


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